RSF, Dj Mehran, Switzerland, february 2020.

« Wel­come to my House ! » This is how Mehran invites House Music lovers to share his pas­sion the music.
Mehran’s love sto­ry with House Music began in the late 90’s, while lis­ten­ing to radio shows play­ing tunes from David Morales, Frankie Knuck­les, Todd Ter­ry, MAW, Jazz’n’Groove…

Inspired by labels such as Soul­fu­ric, Strict­ly Rhythm, Swing City, Def Mix, Base­ment Boys, Garage City,… Mehran has been look­ing for the new and clas­sic trends, in order to pro­vide par­ty peo­ple with the best Deep, Soul­ful & Garage vibes dur­ing his DJ sets in Switzer­land, France, UK.


Dj Tony Fuentes, Barcelona, Spain — January 2020

Tony Fuentes from Barcelona. Este amante de la músi­ca ha tra­ba­ja­do en diver­sas emiso­ras de rádio y tele­visión . En Cataluña (Radio Ribes Roges, Vilano­va Rádio, Radio Sitges,Terrmar FM, Cade­na Cata­lana, Canal Blau RTV) además de ser ganador del con­cur­so de dj’s de rádio en la Cade­na 40 Prin­ci­pales de Barcelona. En Ibiza (Cade­na 100 y Cope con Joan Tur, además de colab­o­rar con la Cade­na 40 Prin­ci­pales) pero en la Isla Pitiusa tam­bién cono­ció a José Padil­la (Café del Mar Ibiza) , DJ PIPPI (Pachá Ibiza) entre otros. En Menor­ca (Cade­na 40 Prin­ci­pales Cade­na Ser). Durante el ser­vi­cio mil­i­tar en el ejerci­to español real­izó espa­cios de rádio dirigi­dos a la tropa, en Ante­na 3 Melil­la. Úti­ma­mente ha colab­o­ra­do con House Radio On Line, y actual­mente for­ma parte de Waves Radio, Tame DJ’S. Sus Ses­siones se pueden escuchar de for­ma gratuí­ta en Mix­cloud, Tony Fuentes from Barcelona, en difer­entes eti­que­tas, Soul­ful House , Funky House, Afro House, Clas­sic House, Lounge, Chill­out, Jazz … Durante los 5 años que pub­li­ca en Mix­cloud ha reunido a más de 20.000 seguidores, entre octubre 2014 y octubre 2019. Algunos de sus tra­ba­jos tam­bién desta­can por colab­o­ra­ciones con S&S Chica­go Records gra­cias a Zon­um, Xavi V y los respon­s­ables del sel­lo discográ­fi­co. Zon­um for­ma parte de S&S Chica­go Records en Europa. Como DJ ha esta­do en difer­entes salas pero la más desta­ca­da es Louie Vega, en Segur de Calafell, Tar­rag­o­na. Siem­pre man­tenién­do con­tac­to y amis­tad con Xavi V y Zon­um, actual­mente pro­duc­tores de músi­ca para S&S Chica­go Records. Zon­um Xavi V Y Albert Retamero (Deep Albert) pub­li­can temas para Chica­go Records con el nue­vo y fres­co proyec­to, The Groovers Boys (Trax­source)

Tony Fuentes from Barcelona. This music lover has worked on var­i­ous radio and tele­vi­sion sta­tions. In Cat­alo­nia (Radio Ribes Roges, Vilano­va Rádio, Radio Sit­ges, Ter­rmar FM, Cata­lan Chan­nel, Blau RTV Chan­nel) in addi­tion to being the win­ner of the radio dj’s con­test in the 40 Main Chain of Barcelona. In Ibiza (Cade­na 100 and Cope with Joan Tur, in addi­tion to col­lab­o­rat­ing with Cade­na 40 Prin­ci­pales) but on Pitiusa Island he also met José Padil­la (Café del Mar Ibiza), DJ PIPPI (Pachá Ibiza) among oth­ers. In Menor­ca (Chain 40 Main Chain Ser). Dur­ing the mil­i­tary ser­vice in the Span­ish army he made radio spaces aimed at the troops, in Ante­na 3 Melil­la. He has recent­ly col­lab­o­rat­ed with House Radio On Line, and is cur­rent­ly part of Waves Radio, Tame DJ’S. Your Ses­sions can be heard for free on Mix­cloud, Tony Fuentes from Barcelona, ​​on dif­fer­ent labels, Soul­ful House, Funky House, Afro House, Clas­sic House, Lounge, Chill­out, Jazz … Dur­ing the 5 years he has pub­lished on Mix­cloud he has gath­ered to more than 20,000 fol­low­ers, between Octo­ber 2014 and Octo­ber 2019. Some of his works also stand out for col­lab­o­ra­tions with S&S Chica­go Records thanks to Zon­um, Xavi V and those respon­si­ble for the record label. Zon­um is part of S&S Chica­go Records in Europe. As a DJ he has been in dif­fer­ent rooms but the most promi­nent is Louie Vega, in Segur de Calafell, Tar­rag­o­na. Always main­tain­ing con­tact and friend­ship with Xavi V and Zon­um, cur­rent­ly music pro­duc­ers for S&S Chica­go Records. Zon­um Xavi V and Albert Retamero (Deep Albert) pub­lish songs for Chica­go Records with the new and fresh project, The Groovers Boys (Trax­source).



Boss­Ross is a DJ from Van­cou­ver, BC, Cana­da.  He hosts 2 week­ly Radio Res­i­den­cies on Beach-Radio UK, and has done sev­er­al inter­na­tion­al guest mix­es on var­i­ous stream­ing plat­forms and radio sta­tions.  He is known for his Deep Ses­sions series on Sound­Cloud.  These Deep Vocal House, Indie Dance & Nu Dis­co sets gath­er lis­ten­ers from all over the world.  He also enjoys mix­ing prop­er Deep House, Tech-House & House music in his Jour­ney into the Deep and Club Mix series.




RSF 2020

Radio Sen­za Frontiere
RSF 2020

We would like to thank all those who have con­tributed to Radio With­out Fron­tiers in 2020 with their time and DJ sets.

Quer­e­mos agrade­cer a todos los que con­tribuyeron con sus sesiones a la real­ización del pro­gra­ma Radio Sin Fron­teras en este año 2020.

Vor­rem­mo ringraziare tut­ti col­oro che han­no con­tribuito con le loro selezioni alla real­iz­zazione del pro­gram­ma Radio Sen­za Fron­tiere in quest’an­no 2020.

Nous voudri­ons remerci­er tous ceux qui ont col­laboré à la réal­i­sa­tion de l’émis­sion Radio Sans Fron­tières en 2020.

Volem agrair a tots els que van con­tribuir amb les seves ses­sions a la real­ització del pro­gra­ma Ràdio Sense Fron­teres l’any 2020.


Dj Tiffa es una dj perteneciente a pis­cis. Su nom­bre real es Este­fany Rincón Yepes, nació en Medel­lín (Colom­bia) el 16 de mar­zo de 1990. Comien­za su interés por la músi­ca des­de muy tem­prana edad, influ­en­ci­a­da por su pri­mo músi­co pianista. En 2014 ingre­sa en el pro­gra­ma Cul­tura Dj, el cuál fue el impul­so para empezar su car­rera. En 2016 decide perseguir su sueño de ser dj pro­fe­sion­al e ingre­sa en una de las Acad­e­mias de su ciu­dad, Medel­lín, en la espera de realizar sus primeras mez­clas. Su gran tal­en­to como dj la ha lle­va­do a tocar en ciu­dades como Bogotá, Man­iza­les, Pereira y Medel­lín donde actual­mente reside. Dj Tiffa siem­pre se ha car­ac­ter­i­za­do por su buen gus­to por la músi­ca elec­tróni­ca sien­do muy selec­ta en sus live sets.



DJ Spivey. It was 1980 in Detroit Michi­gan where I first fell in Love with this Music. I was 13 years old and the Music of Choice for Me and my Friends was Pro­gres­sive Dance Music. We didn’t know it at the time but We were actu­al­ly cre­at­ing a Musi­cal Lifestyle of sorts that would fol­low many of us the rest of our lives.

Sure there would be peri­ods when no music was bought and no new mix­es were pro­duced, but time would go by and before you knew it This Music Thing would just Grab hold to Me again…

In 2012 My Musi­cal Jour­ney start­ed again! This dance music would prompt me to start mix­ing on the web via my YouTube Chan­nel with near­ly 30K fol­low­ers, and Sound­cloud with over 4K and count­ing… This music would even take me far away as Bei­jing Chi­na to DJ (Twice). I’m real­ly excit­ed now more than ever because I am are cur­rent­ly liv­ing in Mia­mi pro­duc­ing a num­ber of remix edits and work­ing the pro­duc­tion end of things and plan to own and oper­ate my first long over­due Music Label: “Soul­mate Record­ings” So as they say in The Music Game: “Stay Tuned!”.


CARLOS U‑SOUL — Barcelona — Spain

Car­los Vilal­ta, aka Car­los U‑SOUL, es el dj res­i­dente de la famosa ter­raza del Hotel Majes­tic & Spa GL de Barcelona des­de el 2009. Sus esti­los preferi­dos son el jazz, soul, dis­co y Soulful.




PAUL BROWN, Pao­lo Bruno’s artist name, is an out-of-the-box DJ from Tus­cany (IT), spe­cial­ized in the art of vinyl only mix­ing. Since 1995 he has per­formed in many Ital­ian clubs, togeth­er with infa­mous DJs; sig­nif­i­cant was his pres­ence as res­i­dent DJ for two con­sec­u­tive years, at Bam­bù in Mantova.

Cur­rent­ly DJ res­i­dent at “HOUSE in the HOUSE”, top show on , web radio he col­lab­o­rates with since two and a half years.

PAUL BROWN, nome d’ arte di Pao­lo Bruno, è un Dj Toscano molto “fuori dagli schemi”,specializzato “nell’ arte” del mix­ing solo ed esclu­si­va­mente con i vinili.
Dal 1995 ha mix­a­to dis­chi in molti club e dis­coteche ital­iane, insieme a famosi DJs; impor­tate è sta­ta la sua pre­sen­za come res­i­dent Dj, per due anni con­sec­u­tivi, al Bam­bù di Mantova.
Attual­mente è res­i­dent Dj di “HOUSE in the HOUSE” , la trasmis­sione di pun­ta di, web radio con cui col­lab­o­ra da cir­ca due anni e mezzo.


DJ Fel‑X

DJ Fel‑X, est français, vit dans le sud de la France près de Montpellier…
Pas­sion­né de musique en général mais surtout de Deep House, House ou Elec­tro Dance Music…
DJ Fel‑X vous pro­pose régulière­ment des mélanges var­iés, sur Sound­cloud, Mix­cloud, The ses­sion World­wide (, ou en invité sur Beach radio UK et Radio Sans Fron­tières, qui reflè­tent l’atmosphère du moment de sa vie. Les mix créés con­ti­en­nent des titres deep house mélodiques et vocaux. DJ Fel‑X est égale­ment un adapte des soirées Club­bing ou il joue de l elec­tro dance pour ani­mer le Dance­floor. De nom­breuses col­lab­o­ra­tion de sets ont ete pub­liées avec des Mix sur Sound­cloud, Youtube , avec des DJ Anglais, Cana­di­ens, Turcs et Bulgares.


DJ Master G.

I am DJ MASTER G. My career began in the far 1999 in a lit­tle bul­gar­i­an town. I went through sev­er­al styles, where­after I fell in love with Deep House Music. I have been a res­i­dent DJ in sev­er­al huge clubs in Bul­gar­ia and in lots of pri­vate par­ties. Wish you enjoy the music and sin­cere­ly thank you for choos­ing me. And now, let’s get started!