DJ D.Wills


DJ D. Wills is a DJ and pro­duc­er from Chica­go now liv­ing in Atlanta, GA.
Music has always been her pas­sion but she nev­er knew it would lead her to become a DJ and pro­duc­er in her 40’s.
Grow­ing up in Chica­go she was exposed to so many gen­res of music but House Music has always been her favorite. She describes her DJ sets as melod­ic and col­or­ful pulling music from all eras and cre­at­ing a musi­cal jour­ney for the listener.
In less than 3 years since she began Djing in 2018 she has been heard on over 8 radio sta­tions all over the world as a res­i­dent DJ on: Radio Sin Fron­teras (Spain) Soul­Mix Radio U.K., Soul­ful Radio (Spain), Cap­i­tal Disko (Italy/Hong Kong) Real House Radio (U.K) Malu­ti Deep House Radio (USA) Purhits (Ger­many) and WRLR (Chica­go).
In June of 2020 she released her first track, “Noches de Sel­va” on Diac Immor­tal Records with pro­duc­er and DJ Ben Rebel. In the fall of 2020 she was select­ed by South African singer “Kel­star” to be one of the pro­duc­ers on a remix project for her track “My Amour” which was released in March of 2021.
In May of 2021 she part­nered with a lux­u­ry can­dle com­pa­ny out of Harlem, NY to launch a musi­cal inspired cus­tom made line of can­dles names “CHOON”. These can­dles come with a cur­rat­ed House mix by DJ D. Wills.
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